Your Hosts

Your hosting team reflects the diversity and breadth of Art of Hosting practice in Alberta, from trusted practitioners with years of local and international experience, to emerging host-leaders who practice in non-profit and government sectors in the Edmonton region.



Civic Nestworker
Beth sees the city as a nest, a habitat we build for ourselves that is as good as we choose to make it. She stewards citizen, community, business and government conversations and decision-making into a new era. She works with whole systems of the city to create a strong sense of direction, a vibrant civic practice that supports the making of the city we need and that serves citizens well. At the heart of this is a quest for quality social habitats where wise action thrives.

Beth is a practitioner-teacher of the Art of Hosting since 2009, after a learning adventure at the 2007 Shambhala Institute of Authentic Leadership and study with various stewards in the Art of Hosting community. She is a practitioner-teacher and board member of The Circle Way. Beth is good to have on hand in the backcountry when you break your leg. In the front country, she makes a mean Nanaimo bar.


Katharine Weinmann, msw cpf

Deep Listener and Weaver of Beauty
Katharine has been a practitioner-teacher of the Art of Hosting since 2002, when she studied with founder Toke Paludan Møller, and Marianne Knuth at the Shambhala Institute of Authentic Leadership and returned to introduce the practice to Edmonton Public Schools. Her concurrent participation as a practitioner-teacher and board member of the The Circle Way, now adds depth to this artistry. She brings a reverence for the inner life as a valuable and necessary source of creative and wise response to perplexing complexity. A lover of an evocative poem, a new impression gleaned from travel, or a "deep breakfast" conversation, Katharine brings sweet appreciation for all of us making our way, to make a better way together.


WEsley Andreas, Ma rpp

Planner + Connector
Wesley is an experienced Alberta Professional Planner, trained as an Urban-Social and Transportation Geographer. He tackles complex system challenges as a lifelong public servant, with the goal of serving cities and citizens well.

Practicing Art of Hosting principles in his work since 2013, he creates space for diverse civic leaders, community, and partners to have conversations about neighbourhoods and cities. As an arts activator, neighbourhood historian, connector, and volunteer, he supports resilience in the Alberta Avenue communities in Edmonton. As a collaborator in @YegHappyCity, he has offered Art of Hosting capacity-building through the Edmonton Resilience Festival, Park(ing) Day, and #YegHappyCity World Cafe.                         

You might also find him in his kitchen, canning jams, pickles, mustards or chutneys, or with a paint brush adding colour and community to neighbourhood alleys.



Community Connector
Kana is passionate to attend to others to achieve their goals. She loves creating "Ba" in meaningful co-learning and network spaces, with a spirit of hospitality. She is a recent arrival to the Edmonton area, exploring professional opportunities in Canada equal to her previous work experience in Japan. She has extensive experience in the business community primarily consulting on knowledge-based management theory and facilitating change management projects. She is a practitioner of the Art of Hosting since 2011.

As a global citizen, Kana wants to be a bridge/connector/translator among different worlds. She is a world traveller who loves being in the water, and who is starting to love being in the snow. She also enjoys studying and exploring the power of the colours. From the Canadian prairies, Kana continues her quest for the perfect wave on which to surf.



Community Engager
Azkaa is facinated by the art of process; how do we, together, go from a single word in a sentence, all the way to a paragraph, and then from a book, into a magnificent library? She's intrigued by mastery of all kind. Azkaa's spent the past while working with nonprofits on governance and board development. She's formally trained and worked in community organizing and often ruminates on the exciting challenges of team building and organizational development. She has a keen interest in healing and fostering wellness through hospitality, story and heartwork. Intimate loves include traveling for exotic honey, reflecting on the intricacies of metaphor and symbolism and of course, orcas.