Why Attend?

Now is the time.  In Edmonton, in Canada, in the world—to create the space that ignites strengths and synchronicity in diversity. A space that potently builds relationships based on empathy and understanding, where compelling conversations lead to compelling decisions.
You are invited… 

  • To step into contemporary methods and practices for facilitating groups and communities of all sizes, shapes and form and to learn concrete strategies that apply across scales, audiences, and time frames.
  • To participate in and practice powerful conversations that nourish diversity and strengthen inclusion. 
  • To advance or evolve to a new level of expertise in leadership and co-creation – from the inside, out. 
  • To strengthen your presence and clarify your purpose. 

Explore layers of hosting practice – from the basics, to deepening into how we show up for self, others and the diverse places where we live and work. 
Grounded in The Circle Way, we'll co-create spaces for applied learning in methods of  World Cafe, Open Space Technology, Deep Listening, Appreciative Inquiry and more. We'll journey the Chaordic Path and experience theories including Spiral Dynamics Integral, Integral City, and Theory U. We will remember the necessity of caring for self, others and place amidst the stormy and gentle winds of difference.

Attending the Art of Hosting helped me grow immensely in many ways. I both gained concrete tools and new thought pathways from attending it, both have proved to be quire valuable! As an adolescent, I noticed everyone, including myself, was respected and honoured within the space and this helped develop a constructive learning environment where we all worked together in learning, and then putting our learned material to use!
— David, 2014 Art of Hosting Training in Edmonton